Many methods used to customize our Blogger templates require the use of JavaScript. At present, we can only upload images and video to Blogger. So if we need to use JavaScript we must find alternative hosting for these files.
Project Hosting on Google Code is intended for collaborative development on open source projects. Rather than being used as a substitute for regular web hosting, it is best suited to hosting shared projects.

All projects hosted on Google Code are Open Source, and are available for anyone to view or download. Various licenses are used for files served by Project Hosting including:

* GNU General Public License (GPL)
* MIT License
* Eclipse Public License
* Mozilla Public License
* Apache License 2.0

If you do need to upload scripts to Google Code for hosting, you need to be sure any license pertaining to the script allow the file to be distributed in the public domain.

For learning how to host files  with google code watch the following video tutorial.