By default Blogger only allowed ta create 10 pages. With the next trick you will be able to create more than 10. Let's begin.
I'll assume that you already have 10 pages created. You will notice that the NEW PAGE button has disapeard.

1. Edit the last page you have created by pushing the edit button

2. With last page open in Edit mode, get the Blogger Page URL from your browsers address bar, then copy & paste in a safe place on your local PC.

Note: If you lose this Blogger Static Page URL you will never be able to use the existing static Blogger Page again, so it’s very important to keep the unique Blogger static Page URL while in Edit mode.

3. Now after you have saved the static Blogger Page  URL in a safe place (text file on your local PC) delete the last page (in this case number 10 page).

You will notice that the NEW PAGE button appears now. Create a new page (in my case page 11).
Open a new browser window or tab, then copy & paste the Static Page one URL that we saved in step number 2, & press ENTER.

This will now display the Blogger Static Page  that we had previously deleted, click the Publish button, & you will now have 11 Static Blogger pages.

Because some of you have problems with this tutorial I've created a video one . In the video tutorial I created 15 pages. Enjoy it.