New Blogger Feature: Add favicon to your blog without editing the HTML

Finally Blogger has implemented adding favicons to blogs. This was possible before but you have to edit your template HTML and insert a couple lines of code , uploading your favicon to a image hosting service. Just a little to complicated.
Now you will be able to add the favicon with just a couples of clicks. For now  adding favicon is available only in Blogger Draft so if you want to make this happen follow the next steps.

How to Add favicon to your blog without editing the HTML

1. Login to your Blogger in Draft account and go to the Design --> Page Elements. Now click "Edit" on the new "Favicon" setting above the navbar element.

2. A new window will open and you will be able to select the favicon from your hard drive. For the moment are supported only the .ico favicons. You can convert your png or jpeg image online. There are lots online converters ( ConvertICO )

3. After uploading the .ico click on save. You will see you favicon displayed instead the blogger one.

4. Refresh you blog a couple times and you will see the favicon you just add it.

For more info visit:

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