In this tutorial I will teach you how to add 3 columns in footer, in an artisteer made template.

1. .Log in to your dashboard--> layout- -> Edit HTML

2. .Click on "Expand Widget Templates"

3. You need to find this section in your template:

<div id='footer-wrapper'>    
<b:section class='footer' id='footer'/>

4. Replace the:

<b:section class='footer' id='footer'/>


<div id='footer-column-container'>       
<div id='footer2' style='width: 30%; float: left; margin:0; text-align: left;'>
<b:section class='footer-column' id='col1' preferred='yes' style='float:left;'/>
<div id='footer3' style='width: 40%; float: left; margin:0; text-align: left;'>
<b:section class='footer-column' id='col2' preferred='yes' style='float:left;'/>
<div id='footer4' style='width: 30%; float: right; margin:0; text-align: left;'>
<b:section class='footer-column' id='col3' preferred='yes' style='float:right;'/>
</div><div style='clear:both;'/><p><hr align='center' color='#5d5d54' width='90%'/></p><div id='footer-bottom' style='text-align: center; padding: 10px; text-transform: lowercase;'><b:section class='footer' id='col-bottom' preferred='yes'><b:widget id='Text2' locked='false' title='' type='Text'/></b:section></div><div style='clear:both;'/></div>

5. Adding style for the new footer section

Immediately before this line,</b:skin> add the following lines of code:

#footer-column-container {   
clear:both; }
.footer-column {
padding: 10px;

6. Save your template and see the result